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Medical Qigong is the oldest of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCM) The other three being Traditional Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Tui Na, a form of medical massage. It is a complete, clinical system of medicine, based on the philosophy of Daoism, a way of living that honours the laws of nature and acknowledges that the changes that we observe outside also mirror changes that occur within us. A great example of this is how different we feel as the seasons change, particularly during the transition from summer to autumn, and winter to spring.

There are 3 types of Qigong: martial, spiritual and medical and thousands of Qigong styles that maintain health. Qigong for health is taught in classes throughout the UK. Medical Qigong is very different, and is practised by qualified practitioners, who diagnose, treat and prevent specific illnesses using the same principles as all the modalities of TCM.

As a practising NHS GP, I am frequently presented with statistics that link certain lifestyle factors with a shorter life expectancy and an increased risk of some diseases. Stress, poor diet, insomnia, depression, weight issues are to name but a few! Medical Qigong addresses these issues in a very practical and individual way. I would hope that my medical background will reassure you when you consider embarking on the treatments.

I was struck by the effectiveness of Medical Qigong personally. It has given me the tools to re-evaluate the way I live, and address some imbalances in my hectic lifestyle. The TCM philosophy makes sense of seemingly unrelated symptoms that I observe as a GP. I found treatments to be extremely relaxing and have enjoyed learning the prescription movements (Daoyins).

You can read more about my experience with Medical Qigong in this interview with my teacher "Meet the Medical Qigong Practitioner – Carolyn Eddleston".

My teacher is Anita Mason, and I obtained my Practitioner Diploma in Medical Qigong from the UK College of Medical Qigong, Staffordshire and have since been continuing my Professional Development. The teachings were taken from Grandmaster Jerry Alan Johnson’s style in America.

Medical Qigong is still widely practised within hospitals throughout China, treating patients with individual prescriptions for a wide variety of illnesses.

Medical Qi Gong is described in literature dating back to 168BC, and the first written evidence of Daoism, the philosophy underpinning TCM and Medical Qigong, is documented as the Tai Qi symbol in 2500BC. In Chinese health, yin and yang are balanced. These aspects, as well as your full medical history, are discussed in detail with you during your consultation.

Medical Qigong is used to prevent and treat illness by bringing the body back into balance. It utilises techniques involving the breath, mental focus, visualisations and physical movements. It enables us to recognise imbalances in ourselves and to correct those using techniques that can be incorporated into daily life. This complete system of medicine is individualised to you specifically, and encourages you throughout the process to reflect and make changes in your life that mirror those changes occurring during the treatment session.

Medical Qigong has 3 objectives:

  • To eliminate excessive emotions
  • To increase or decrease a patient’s imbalanced Qi or energy
  • To regulate a patient’s yin and yang

I can teach you prescription exercises (Daoyin) to balance and harmonise specific organ systems, and provide couch work treatments. These sessions are carried out with you fully clothed.

As a Medical Qigong Practitioner, I am committed to spending time cultivating my own energy to heal myself and others. I follow the a strict code of ethics and undergo regular continuing professional development. I also strive to live according to the universal laws of nature, depicted by Lao Tzu in the Dao Te Ching, a collection of Daoist poems.

Medical Qigong can be used alone and/or as an adjunct to Acupuncture and has been found in the USA and China to enhance the effects of Acupuncture.

I offer a unique vision of health by balancing my work as an NHS GP, Traditional Acupuncturist and Medical Qigong Practitioner, covering the Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough area of the East Midlands, UK.

I look forward to working with you and supporting your wellbeing.

For more information, contact Carolyn by e-mail info@eastmidlandsmedicalqigong.co.uk or telephone 07980904545.

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"This gentle process is deceptively simple. Over four weeks our experience deepened to create a profound and beautiful energetic resonance which has continued to bubble out for me in a wonderful way. My life has changed for the better. Thank-you Carolyn for your inspiration and skilful teaching."